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Some people bet on sports every now and again, just for fun whilst others are regular pundits, trying their best to make accurate predictions and win against the bookies.

People have different levels of success but most admit that it’s the bookies who always win long term. However, the thrill of a bet remains, so how can you improve your chances and beat the bookies?

1. Be Sensible

The first rule is to bet sensibly; set yourself an appropriate budget and stick to it. If you bet regularly, keep accurate records of your expenditure and winnings. Take note of any patterns; are you better at soccer bets than horse racing? Is a particular type of bet more successful for you? Try to use the data to influence your betting pattern and habits.

2. Do Your Homework

The internet is full of sites listing a range of sports statistics and data. There are also a host of pundits airing their views and making predictions. These provide useful background data to help you, particularly if the sport you are betting on is not one you are overly familiar with.

Before you place a bet make sure you have studied the current form of the horse or team. Check for recent injuries, personal problems etc.

Don’t forget the old fashioned methods either – look in the sports pages of the papers and on the news to get current information, before placing your bet.

3. Quit Whilst You’re Ahead

Sports betting can provide a great thrill the downside is that, for some, it can become quite addictive. If you notice that you’re betting increasingly higher amounts or suffering greater losses; know when to say ‘No’.

Take a break from it; break the cycle and then get back into it with a healthier mindset and hopefully, renewed success.

Betting Tips

Some people bet on sports every now and again, just for fun whilst others are...

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