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Sports betting is all about predicting the results of sporting events. Wagers can be made not only on the outcome of a game but, these days, a whole host of other side bets are also possible; from the first player to score, the time of the first goal, the half time score, as well as many other weird and wonderful bets.

Betting is fun!! For some it’s lighthearted, undertaken to inject added interest into a sporting event. For others it’s a serious business; many have their own systems to help with the accuracy of their predictions; the team’s past form, players’ fitness levels, weather conditions on the day of the match and a whole host of other factors that are taken into account.

Europe and the U.S. – A World Apart

Sports betting is now a multi million pound business and in many European countries has become more socially acceptable. Bookmakers have moved from the back street to the high street and now onto the web. Their increasing accessibility and cleaner image has moved them into the mainstream.

In the US sports gambling is currently still illegal, apart from in the states of Delaware and Nevada. The US Government is concerned that the introduction of gambling would impact on the integrity of sports, not only tarnishing its image but also attracting criminal activity.

Increasing Popularity

With the advent of satellite TV, more and more games are being televised and the excitement and buzz of live games has reached out to new audiences. As the viewing figures have grown, so has the interest in betting. Televised games receive higher betting levels, as people enjoy a flutter on events they are able to watch live.

Sport Betting Online

The influx of sport onto the web has also affected how we enjoy sporting events. It’s becoming easier to stream live matches for a wide range of sporting events. In addition, betting has moved from the bookmakers to the net; from the high street into our homes.

Online betting doesn’t require the planning or forethought necessary for a visit to the land based bookies. It’s quick and easy; you are always just a click away from finding out the odds latest odds or placing a bet.

So browse through the pages of Bettor Guide and make use of our resources and recommended sites. There are literally hundreds of sports betting sites on the net and our job is to signpost you through to the best and most trusted of them. Enjoy!

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